Current Larry

Larry specializes in making things for human people. Larry’s work ethic is second to none and his communication skills are unmatched by any of the markov chains we’ve made so far. Replacing him with a bank of well dressed GPUs isn’t panning out as well as we’d hoped. Here are some things Current Larry is good at (or not):

Leaving GCDS
Staying at GCDS
Making Drinks
Drinking Drinks
P4 Commit Messages
Turing Test Score

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James Horsfall The AMS Overlord
Larry, you have set the bar high.
Darren Hersey Frustrated Communicator
Airman Underhill: Always ensuring the problem is at the other end.
Dan Gruhn Head hair in residence
Larry is sort of everything I always wanted in a supervisor. Having worked for him for a number of years I can honestly say he is above average. If you are looking for hillbilly help, I can recommend him without reservations.
Bryan Casto Architect for the Hillbilly Savant
Despite his inane insistance on three-toppings, max, I suppose he makes an adequate pizza.
Scott Ripley Embittered former employee
lgu is a blithering pablum of Internet memes, perforce commits and metadata packed into a human tarball. p4 archive //lgu, p4 archive.
Tiny Rick Genius Scientist
Larry Underhill was probably in the top 3 best directors of engineering for GCDS in 2014.
Matt Demicco '92 Galant Enthusiast
Larry made us all do service reviews TWICE and gets a website with a slick UI and heart-felt testimonials. I mind my own business and get a hate-site without so much as proper pagination. I see how it is now…
Zlatan Sisul Z
Above all Larry is a music aficionado. An expat bluegrass enthusiast longing to hear someone utter the words ‘Ich liebe es, wenn Du von Banjoersatzteilen redest.’
Tony Lonardo Mapper's Delight
I try to mimic Larry whenever I can… that’s why I’ve obtained his liquor cabinet. Larry, I will continue to to think of you before I drink!
Matt Olson Jay's New Boss
It will be hard to fill Larry’s shoes… But everybody should take solace that when Bonci starts reporting to me next week I will manage the shit out of him.
Amy Black Devtools Refugee
And Larry is moving on to the land where beer is cheaper than water… Larry, keep this phrase handy, ‘Wo kann ich mich übergeben?’
Brad Holdridge John Muir want-a-be
From one explorer to another… may you reach new summits. And remember, if you are ever hiking in bear country carry ‘bear spray’ and a ‘bear bell’. That way if you go missing and the search and rescue team finds bear scat that smells like ‘bear spray’ and has a bell in it, well…
Ka Kau Chan Pink Lady Enthusiast
Larry is distinguished by his unstoppable evolution and growth. (And then, he trimmed his beard and went on a diet)
Tim Largy Nighttime Evacuation Coordinator
Larry did nothing but type the right characters into a keyboard and utter the right phonemes in the right sequence, at the right time, to make things go. Anyone could do that with an infinite number of chances.
Dan Roca Dr. Oca
Larry has a passion for music and is quite adept with various stringed instruments. (I think he did something for GCDS, too.) Therefore, Larry, I full expect you to be a Polka fanatic within a year. Volksmusik or Oom-pah are acceptable as well. Don’t disappoint me.
Kevin Ege Data nerd
I have nothing witty to quip about, except to say that Larry has been an amazing friend, mentor, and leader. I’m not at all surprised his complete dedication to excellence in everything he does has afforded him the opportunity to prove himself a badass again with this worthy challenge.
Erin McCarthy Correction Guy
Well, Actually… Larry will still be Larry. And that’s a good thing because he’s good at that.
Dan Falcone Programmer... or serial killer?
Larry Underhill: chief belly and underpants inspector. It’s a wonder nobody called HR.

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